Outside Bengal Temples (8)

Temple Location Type Patron Date Description
SivaDumra (Dhanbad, Bihar)Ek Bangla17thStone temple, plain
Two Siva templesKharagpur (Munghyr, Bihar)Ek Bangla17thBrick temples
Radha-DamodaraDumra (Dhanbad, Jharkhand)Dalan19thBrick temple with rekha superstructure, plain
RasmanchaDumra (Dhanbad, Jharkhand)Rasmancha19thBrick octagonal structure with curved cornices and terracotta figures on all eight sides
DamodaraKatras (Dhanbad, Jharkhand)Nava Ratna19thSandstone temple with ridged turrets and slight carving on facade
SivaMaluti (Maluti, Jharkhand)Char Chala19thBrick temple with richly carved phulpathar facade
SivaRampurhat (Maluti, Jharkhand)Char Chala19thSmall brick temples with richly carved phulpathar facades
Rasika RayaHaripurgarh (Mayurbhanj, Orissa)At Chala1757Brick temple with triple-arched entrance, terracotta scrollwork above arches, figures around facade and on base


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