West Dinajpur Temples (7)

Temple Location Type Patron Date Description
SimhavahiniKhanpur (Balurghat, West Dinajpur)Deul17thLarge ridged rekha deul with rich terracotta mostly fallen
SivaKhanpur (Balurghat, West Dinajpur)Char Chala18thBrick temple on square base with terracotta decorated facade
AbandonedBiswanathpur (Biswanathpur, West Dinajpur)Ek Bangla18thBrick temple
AbandonedMadhur Kismat (Gangarampur, West Dinajpur)Pancha Ratna19thBrick temple with ridged turrets, single-arched entrance, terracotta and stucco on two sides
BhairaviBindol (Raiganj, West Dinajpur)Domed16thBrick mosque-like temple with geometric terracotta designs on all four walls and inside
KaliBhikhahar (Tapan, West Dinajpur)Char Chala18thLarge brick temple on square base with ek bangla porch and terracotta on two sides
KaliBhikhahar (Tapan, West Dinajpur)Char Chala18thBrick temple with char-chala with triple-arched entrance, rich terracotta fallen


Photos and Text © Amit Guha