Baro Chala Temples (5)

Temple Location Patron Date Description
SivaDeulpur (Panchla, Howrah)Ghosh1880Brick temple with terracotta decoration
SivaSenhat (Khanakul, Hugli)19thBrick temple with high superstructure in three char-chala tiers, and curved cornice
Siva in DakshinparaIlchhoba (Pandua, Hugli)Bandyopadhyay18thBrick temple, terracotta decorated including lotuses, figure panels, and vegetal scrollwork
RamachandraChirulia (Egra, Medinipur)Pahari1843Brick temple with terracotta and stucco decoration on facade
Buro SivaJalsara (Ghatal, Medinipur)19th earlyBrick temple with tri-ratha projections, plain


Photos and Text © Amit Guha