Purulia Temples (21)

Temple Location Type Patron Date Description
AbandonedDeulghata (Arsha, Purulia)Deul11thSix large brick rekha deuls with stucco figural and vegetal decoration
Radha GovindaBaghmundi (Baghmundi, Purulia)At Chala1753Brick temple, terracotta decorated with lotuses and vegetal motifs
RasmanchaBaghmundi (Baghmundi, Purulia)Rasmancha19thOctagonal structure with curved cornices, nine turrets and terracotta figures on all eight sides
AbandonedDeoli (Baghmundi, Purulia)Grouped18thFive stone deuls within compound, large central temple and four small temples in corners
Jadabeswar SivaJaypur (Jaypur, Purulia)DeulKeshav Goswami19thBrick temple, double-storeyed, with ridged rekha superstructure
ThakurdalanJaypur (Jaypur, Purulia)GroupedKashinath Singh Deo19thSandstone temples, richly decorated
AbandonedPanchakotgarh (Nituria, Purulia)Ek Bangla18thSmall brick temple, terracotta decoration now mostly fallen
AbandonedPanchakotgarh (Nituria, Purulia)Pancha Ratna18thTwo laterite temples in Bishnupur style with rich terracotta decoration on facades
AbandonedPanchakotgarh (Nituria, Purulia)Deul18thBrick rekha deul with porch, terracotta decorated
AbandonedPanchakotgarh (Nituria, Purulia)Jor Bangla18thTwo large laterite temples, overgrown
Uday ChandiPara (Para, Purulia)Deul11thBrick rekha deul with stucco decoration
LakshmiPara (Para, Purulia)Deul18thStone rekha deul with rich decoration
AbandonedPakbhirra (Puncha, Purulia)Deul11thThree stone rekha deuls, largely plain
Shyam ChandChakaltor (Purulia, Purulia)Jor Bangla18thBrick temple with slight terracotta decoration
Abandoned JainaChharra (Purulia, Purulia)Deul11thSmall rekha deuls, plain
AbandonedChharra (Purulia, Purulia)Deul11thLarge ridged rekha deul, plain
Radha-ShyamaChhota-Balarampur (Purulia, Purulia)Deul17thBrick smooth rekha deul with wall decoration of sikhara reliefs
AbandonedBanda (Raghunathpur, Purulia)Deul11thStone rekha deul with pirha mandapa, plain
Radha BinodCheliama (Raghunathpur, Purulia)At Chala1697Brick temple with triple-arched entrance and rich terracotta facade
AbandonedBero (Santuri, Purulia)Jor Bangla18thBrick temple, plain
RaghunathaGanpur (Santuri, Purulia)At Chala17thSandstone temple in low-towered Bishnupuri atchala style, plain


Photos and Text © Amit Guha