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Past Comments I am newly developing interest towards our priceless heritage. Information provided through your essays will be one of the initial landmark of my journey. Many many thanks and congratulations for you compilation. Pointing that Shiva and Vishnu were less popular till 4th century was a striking comment to me. Is there no sign of architecture during Vedic period, although its counted as rich period in literature. Anonymous Indian July 2012 I loved your site. I am passionate about history. You may want to make this work a collective one. With contributions from like minded people who can contribute photos and related history of the place. Sampuran Das June 2012 All the encroachment removed from the badshahi ashoorkhana on petition of Izzat maab Janab mir nawazish ali moosvi. 11th generation mujawer of badshahi ashoorkhana. Not only he did a wonderful job but also showed the way. By going to the honourable AP HIGH COURT and bringing those order for removing the enchroachment from the said monument. We all pray for him for his long life may allah bless him with mercy protect his agenda. Murtuza Ali Moosvi January 2012 It's really wonderful. By seeing all these photos, I am impreseed about Hampi. Thanks and Regards Eresh K January 2012 I visited your site many times during my initial years of research in this subject. Hence seeing my link in the same site is very pleasing. As you also have similar tastes and passion so you know very well how much efforts go into documenting all these sites. The best prize I can get for this is the appreciation from people like you. Saurabh Saxena November 2011 I am a teacher. I am very interested to know about Lepakshi temple. I am in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. How can I go to this temple? V Anbalagan November 2011 About the photo of the chhatri of ahilya bai at maheshwar. Actually it is the photo of the chhatri of malhar rao holkar which was built by ahilya bai holkar at Alampur (MP). This is my own photo which was provided by me on gwaliorplus site. Harshit Agrawal August 2011 (Photo identification and copyright information corrected) Merci pour vos descriptions, quel bel oeil, merci de nous faire apprecier et voir toutes ces belles choses. Thanks for your descriptions, what a beautiful eye, thanks for sharing and showing all these beautiful things. Antoine August 2011 The pictures are fantastic. As one enamoured with Lepakshi,I am delighted to see the photos. But most important of all, the Nandi is missing and Rambha in Natya mandapam. Also, Vastu Purusha & Padmini stree inside are important omissions. Sankar Narayan June 2011
Very interesting, Very nice. Add if possible human thought behind each monument. Vipul Tiwari May 2011
I sometimes write on the Italian Wikipedia some articles on Indian geography. I have just seen your site and the related Italian version. I wonder if it is possible to include some part of the text and some photo taken from your site? It will be very usefull!! Thank you very much Yukio sanjo April 2011
As I am very interested in archaeology, though not academically, I found this website quite impressive. Saiful Islam December 2010 This is Yama on his mount Mahisa. I have written a thesis on the topic of Astadikpalas, published in 2001. Featuring the examples from Alampur prominently. Yours sincerely, Corinna Wessels-Mevissen February 2011 (Photo identification corrected and acknowledged)
I am fascinated by your sites about Indian temples, thank you for your efforts! Unfortunately I could not open the Pallava site with Mandagapattu and Dalavanur. I am researching about Indian nose ornaments and would like to ask if you have seen nose ornaments on sculptures prior to 15th century? If so, please name the localities. I try to find out whether nose rings are original to India or have been adopted from outside, i.e. Moghul or Persians. Thank you. Best regards Waltraud Ganguly, Germany November 2010 nice Ravi Chavan December 2010 There is an urgent need to restore all these ruined temples as these are part of our heritage. M Nageswara Rao October 2010 I like the fort photo in bidar Sachin Badigar September 2010 excellent site. I am at bijapur and heading to bidar and i think your site will be useful there. The site is perfect designed in terms of your focus. There are no random links etc. many thanks for that. Hopefully you can supplement these snaps by slightly bigger snaps, these are too small to bring out the majesty of these monuments. Spandan Manolin July 2010 Dear Sir, I am a final year law student. I love taking day trips to places in Bengal with archeological relics. I have friends who stay in Chinsurah but they do not know about this monument. Can you please tell me more about Tribeni. Thank You. Fatema Wahab July 2010 Thanks. Good site. Neha Reddy July 2010 very good site.we are architects interested in heritage and its conservation. we are planning a trip to belur-halebid,somnathpura area. we will greatly appreciate any useful tips and guidance you could extend to us. congratulations for the website. Seemantini Chaphalkar May 2010
Hello, It was so nice to see your site. Perhaps you are interested in my "Different Pictures of Amsterdam "site ? Martin Alberts from Holland March 2010 very nice Ayya Thangam March 2010 It is superb and one will feel proud of being the citizen of this country. And getting the double chance to be proud of being the resident of BIDAR which I am. Mirza Iftekhar February 2010 Thank you for the article on varendra museum collection. have you seen the annual reports of varendra research society? can you help me in this regard? with kind regards, yours sincerely, Srikanta Roy Chowdhury January 2010
Recently I visited Lepakshi and I am planning to write about it in my blog. Can I post your link in my blog? Thanks, Lokesh Kumar February 2010 lovely photos of Singavaram! Thank you K.Brobeck September 2009 Really appreciated your efforts on bring light on Indian Art & Architecture. Just a small correct on the above image. It is davarapal of Siva. You can see trident & Drum (attributes of lord shiva) associated with him. Coming to Dwaravapala, in general one hold damaru, trisul, gada and the other holds damaru, snake (naga) and gada. I visited many Kakatiyan temples and the cross legged posture is quite common in Kakatiyan style. In one of the Chalukyan (which influenced kakatiyan art) temple also observed the same posture. Last Sunday only I was there, there is no much change, expect they are buliding a shed (I guess) to store all the loose sclupture. Raju Thotapalli August 2009
very good pics very well captured you are doing a excellent job i wish you all success wishes narahari August 2009 You have captured excellent pictures of Bijapur. Please let me know your willingness to share few Pictures for new website on Bijapur. Best wishes Thanks & regards Yogesh MB July 2009
We would like to introduce Indian Art & History to italian people. For this reason we would like to translate in italian some pages of you website using some of your photos. We would like to deepen knowledge of Indian Art & History for italian lovers of Oriental art. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, We look forward to a courteous response and any suggestions to promote your beautiful country in Europe. Best wishes Enzo Di Gesu June 2009 My name is Fabiola Ferrari, Italian photographer. I have been collaborating for many years with Italian and foreign publishers. Such as Lonely Planet, Footprint, Michelin, Let's Go. I kindly wanted your collaboration to identify my photos taken in your marvelous and interesting India. These photos will be published on tourism magazines and school books, the identifications must be precise. I thank you a lot in advance for your collaboration and I am happy that in a small way I can make some publicity to India. Best regards from Fabiola Ferrari. March 2009
Amit, Thanks for your mail which reached me in New York. I'm spending all of May in the US which means that sadly I'm going to miss your photographic show. This is a great shame since I still have lots of affection for the Bengali temples and their terracotta art. Hope the show finds a good audience. All good wishes, Dr George Michell August 2008
Thank you very much for your heartwarming and informative reporting on the treasures of Bidar. Twice in my life time, I spent approximately six months in Bidar. Once as a kid aged 7 years old. A second time as a trainee pilot at the Air Force base. My father was a government employee. We used the cannon balls as door stops in our government provided quarters. Our servant regularly took me to the fort that overlooked the railway tracks. There while watching the trains we played with the heavy rings that formed the part of cannons. I have walked the empty halls of the madarasa. But no one took time to explain the historic significance of these landmarks. Probably few people knew the value of these treasures. Next time I am in India, I will make it a point to visit Bidar, Raichur and Hyderabad to get in touch with my historical heritage. Thanks, once again! Sridhar Dr. B. S. Sridhar Professor of Management College of Business University of Wisconsin Oshkosh August 2008
I saw your website with interest. Congratulations for the good work. Regards Dr Ajay Khare May 2008
The site looks lovely! I'll be checking back often to see what additions you've made to this valuable site. And I'll be sure to pass it on to the Debroy family - I know they'll be thrilled to see their temple online! All the best, Mohini Datta-Ray May 2007
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